Breakfast meeting menu ideas

Breakfast meetings and early morning networking sessions have increased in popularity. But, how do you improve on the rushed coffee that most people start their day with? We have lots of great ideas for the perfect breakfast menu to start the working day.

Meetings which take place at breakfast time are most productive as concentration levels have been proven to be at their highest in the morning, so whether you are hosting a meeting, showing your staff how much they are appreciated, or even organising a morning networking session, there are breakfast meeting menu ideas to suit everyone.

Continental breakfast buffet

Presented as a self-service buffet, a continental breakfast is a cost effective solution for morning breakfast menus. The ALS Group offers a selection of fruit, cereals and yoghurt, toast with preserves plus an assortment of Danish and French pastries. We also provide a tea and coffee station, in addition to a choice of fruit juices. All crockery, cutlery and napkins are included in the per person price.

Breakfast buffet catering is an excellent choice for team meetings, staff training or networking events that include all levels of personnel and staff, as it caters for every taste.

Traditional breakfast buffet

Our served English breakfast buffet is a ‘safe’ option which offers great value for money and is the ideal choice for event planners not restricted by budget. This popular hot food option is served by professional staff and consists of traditional sausage, bacon, eggs, tomato, baked beans, mushrooms and hash browns. Fried bread and toast is also available, alongside tea, coffee and fruit juices. If pre-ordered (and subject to availability) we can offer smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, pancakes and syrup, kippers, or a vegetarian/vegan option.

Traditional hot buffet catering like this really is the perfect winter option!

Grazing platters

To give your breakfast meeting a modern twist, why not consider grazing platters?  Like a breakfast buffet, a grazing platter will cater for everyone, offering a fun way for employees or attendees to eat while remaining engaged. They can be stocked with breads, cooked meats, fruit and cheeses and can include a charcuterie platter or even a dessert platter amongst others. Alternatively, we can create bespoke grazing platters for you that will cater to individual tastes and dietary requirements.

Grazing platters are perfect for longer meetings where guests have the time to come and go at a more leisurely pace.

Buffet catering from The ALS Group

All our buffet catering solutions are perfect for morning meetings and can be bespoke tailored for your particular cohort. Our experienced serving staff is experienced and discreet, and our team of breakfast chefs will deliver only the highest quality dishes, so why not get in touch the next time you are organising a breakfast meeting? Based in beautiful Lincolnshire, the ALS Group has over 30 years’ experience in the catering industry, so whether you are catering for 50 or 500, get in touch today; we can be contacted by email or telephone on 01526 397995

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