Dinner party themes and ideas

Dinner parties have always been a popular way to entertain, but in recent years there has been a dramatic rise in themed dinner parties, particularly for corporate evenings. Here are our favourite themes for your next dinner party.

James Bond themed party

Serve your guests martinis – shaken, not stirred – for a great start to the event, and enjoy the opportunity to dress up to the nines, in your very own Casino Royale! Our James Bond Night package includes a casino table plus VIP entrance, prop package and chocolate fountain. But why stop there? You can add on extra casino tables with a cocktail bar, a drinks reception with canapes and a disco.

Las Vegas Theme

Are your guests hungry for some high stakes fun? Then throw a Las Vegas themed event and dress your venue with Las Vegas props and signs. Your guests can go wild at the casino tables, manned by professional croupiers, and even have a go on the human roulette simulator. For a really authentic taste of America, choose from a selection of fun foods to serve, including waffles, popcorn, churros and hot dogs.

Oscar themed party

Offer your guests a night of Old Hollywood glitz and glamour with a Night at the Oscars, as they walk the red carpet on arrival at the VIP entrance. With a stage, perfect for your own awards ceremony, an Oscars backdrop, plus lectern and PA system, your event will be transformed into the most glamorous night of the year. Add in a drinks reception, a la carte dining and a disco, and your night will be complete. 

Great Gatsby themed party

Be inspired by the roaring 20s and the glitz and glamour of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, with a Great Gatsby themed dinner party. While the Great Depression was a time of deprivation for many, your dinner party doesn’t have to be! Treat your guests to a Speakeasy Whiskey Bar and a 1920’s Cocktail Bar where they can be served by staff in period costume, while they indulge in canapes with charcuterie and cheese boards aplenty.

Dinner party themes based on food

If you theme your dinner party around the food that will be served, the choices are limited only by your imagination. For Spanish or Mexican themed evenings, our Paella and Tapas experience will let your guests’ senses be enveloped by the authentic smells, sounds and tastes of these classic dishes, as our multicultural cooks prepare the food in front of their very eyes. Or how about an Italian evening? Dinner guests can watch as authentic Italian pizza is made from scratch, and cooked in traditional wood fired ovens while they wait. If you have a favourite food, whether from Morocco, North Africa or Greece, we can create the perfect dinner party menu with you, that your guests will be talking about for months to come – simply look through our Street Food Stalls for inspiration! 

Organising a themed dinner party involves not just entertainment and music, but also menus and décor which can be time consuming for the event organiser. At The ALS Group, we can take the stress away by providing everything you need in our one-stop shopping experience. Give our experienced staff a call on 01526 397995 or email us, to see how we can help your next themed event go with a bang.

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