How to choose a corporate event caterer

From breakfast meetings to product launches, many organisations enlist the services of a corporate event caterer. Our guide takes you through how to choose the perfect caterer for your next event.

Whether you are entertaining staff by way of an awards evening, or welcoming clients to a product launch, the catering you provide at any corporate event will reflect on your business and its management. Here, we look at the areas you need to consider when choosing a corporate event caterer.

Attention to detail

Your corporate caterer should be attentive to your specific requirements, regarding food, atmosphere and any other details that matter to you. An understanding of seemingly insignificant details reflects their attitude towards their customers and shows their commitment to providing exactly what the client wants.


Never be afraid to talk to previous customers they have catered. Word of mouth should never be underestimated but remember that reviews can be biased unfairly – look to see responses from the caterers and how they have dealt with such situations before making a decision; a good caterer will be happy to pass details on to you if they are confident in the service they provide. Check too that staff is DBS checked and holds relevant alcohol licences and health and hygiene certificates where required; a good caterer will happily supply evidence to support this.


Experienced corporate caterers understand that time is money and will give recommendations based on the numbers you provide for them. They will understand the difference between a social office get together and an event for hundreds of clients and will know what will work for each. Their experience will also tell them that a long, slow moving buffet queue is not appropriate for an afternoon presentation, for example, where the speakers have lots of ground to cover.

Equipment and staff hire

An experienced, high calibre corporate caterer will be able, and willing, to provide so much more than some dishes prepared at home! They will be able to provide serving and bar staff if required as well as all the perfect finishing touches as necessary – table linen, cutlery etc.

Work collaboratively to deliver within budget

While the caterers are the experts in their field, you, as the client know what you want. Your caterer must be able to work collaboratively with you to deliver what you need, within budget where this is a consideration. Bear in mind that different caterers will have different strengths and areas of expertise. Not being able to deliver in line with your requirements doesn’t reflect on the quality of their work, just whether they are a good fit for your event.

Food choices/options

In the interests of transparency and inclusion, no one should be excluded on the grounds of food allergies, intolerances or religious restrictions. A good caterer will understand this and will offer alternative options that cater for all dietary requirements. While the entire menu will not need to comply, your caterer must be prepared and able to provide appropriate choices for anyone needing them.

Venue familiarity

Don’t be afraid to ask if the caterer has experience of your venue as this will be a distinct advantage; they will be familiar with layout and any details that can affect preparation or service. Don’t rule them out if they don’t know the venue however – it’s just a bonus if they do.


Your caterer should devote their time to you and your event with attention that doesn’t have to be shared with other clients and provide good, open channels of communication. A good caterer should never make a client feel that they are being a nuisance and all contact should be responded to within a reasonable period of time. Clients should also be assigned a dedicated point of contact so that the client deals with one person throughout the contract, who can then manage other staff.

Corporate catering from The ALS Group

Using the above points as a guide will help you choose the best corporate caterer for your event and at The ALS Group, we can offer 30 years of industry experience. We provide a broad selection of menu choices for every type of event, from a la carte catering to buffet catering plus a complete range of catering services.

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