What is street food?

Evidence of street food can be found in Ancient Pompeii but it has really only become part of our mainstream culture in the UK over the past 20 or so years. Here, we look at what exactly street food is.

Street food has been around for a long time, with the Ancient Greeks enjoying small, fried fish and Victorian Londoners buying whelks and roasted chestnuts from street barrows. By the end of the Victorian age, street food fell out of favour, when eating in public was considered suitable for the working classes only. As foreign travel became more accessible, British travellers discovered food street vendors in places outside Europe where it had long been a traditional and cultural phenomenon.

What is street food?

The term street food is likely to have originated in America and is generally accepted to be artisan food that is prepared and sold by vendors in the street, and not served in a cafeteria or restaurant.  Many people are familiar with the continental food markets that take place up and down the country and anyone who has been to Camden Lock in London will have seen the hundreds of exotic food vendors that line the streets.

Features of street food

There are features of street food that elevate it above the ice cream cone bought from a van and which characterise it as authentic street food. Street food from the ALS Group embodies the following features.

Street food is diverse

Street food is one tradition that fully embraces other cultures, from Indian street food to Moroccan street food and everywhere in between. Street food embraces the flavours and cooking methods of other countries while retaining a homemade feel.

Street food is spontaneous

The nature of street food allows you the spontaneity to try whatever takes your fancy in the moment and allows you to experiment with new tastes without having to plan ahead or make a reservation.

Street food is a sensory experience

Traditional street food is prepared in front of the customer and at the ALS Group, we do the same. This allows you to take in the aromas of the finest ingredients used and enjoy the taste.

Types of street food from the ALS Group

Street food from the ALS Group is a fantastic catering solution for large, public events, including festivals and family fun days, where attendees will appreciate a wide choice of delicious food that can be eaten on the go. Offer your guests a gastronomical trip around the world that can be created to suit your individual requirements. Choose from a choice of Street Food Stalls, including American street food with classic pulled pork and mac and cheese, Indian street food with a choice of meat and vegetarian dishes, and Taiwanese street food that offers a selection of Bao Buns. Alternatively, how about Moroccan street food with couscous and falafel or a classic Greek moussaka? Or does a plate of steaming, authentic Spanish paella (traditional, seafood or vegetarian) appeal more? If you can’t decide, we can put together a package to include a selection of your preferred choices.

Our expert and helpful team is on standby to help with your enquiries. We will answer any questions you may have and, if you can’t see your favourites on the website, we are able to create bespoke street food that will appeal to your particular tastes. To discuss a personalised menu plan for your next event, or for further details, call today on 01526 397995 or send us an email.

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