Why you should hire a catering service for your next meeting

When business meetings take place across the day and encompass mealtimes, it makes sense to consider a professional catering service. Here are our top reasons to hire an experienced catering company.

Hunger leads to a drop in productivity

Productivity levels drop when people are hungry and this can occur in the run up to meal times if people do not know what, or when, they will eat. Corporate lunch catering services will help to maintain energy levels throughout the afternoon too, and will also ensure that attendees have healthy options available to avoid the dreaded sugar and carb fatigue later in the day.

Corporate catering services reflect on the quality of your business

When hosting a meeting for guests from outside of your organisation, supplying professional catering services will foster good relations and reflect on the hospitality of your business. Impress potential new clients or business partners with a hot or cold buffet lunch and show them how much you care about connecting with them and accommodating their needs.

Incentivise and motivate regular staff members

A survey by glassdoor.com showed that almost half (46% of those questioned) of employees felt appreciated when meals were provided and, while supplying lunch may not be the norm on a regular working day, providing buffet catering at company meetings will show employees how valued they are. Valued staff will work harder knowing their efforts are recognised, and in turn, productivity will increase.

Catering services from The ALS Group

Whether you are closing a deal or celebrating your own team, The ALS Group’s catering services will ensure you provide the best food, from a la carte catering to buffet catering and everything in between. Offering a wide selection of menus that can be bespoke tailored to suit your exact requirements, we can help you to make your meeting a success. The following is a small selection of menus available from The ALS Group.

Buffet catering

Our team of professional chefs will create bespoke buffet menus for you, or you can choose from our set buffet catering options. For morning meetings, our breakfast buffet catering includes a traditional breakfast menu comprising both continental and full English options. If catering for a lunchtime meal, our corporate buffet menu offers sandwiches, savouries, salads and desserts.

For cold-weather meetings or evening events, our hot buffet menu is perfect, and offers a choice of hot food, salads and desserts. Choose from marinated chicken or pizza, with a potato salad or savoury rice, all followed by chocolate fudge cake or fruit salad, or select your favourites from a wide range of options. Offering guests 4 hot items, 2 salads and 1 dessert from as little as £10 per person, the hot buffet menu is a versatile option.

For something a little different, our bao buns buffet is very popular. Based on the traditional Chinese steamed bun, these fluffy treats are jam-packed with an assortment of delicious fillings including Cantonese duck and Vietnamese chicken and will go down a treat at any meeting. 

Catering services in Lincoln

Based not far from the historic cathedral city of Lincoln for almost 30 years, The ALS Group can create and deliver the perfect menu for your next meeting or corporate event. To find out how we can help you, contact us today by email or give us a call on 01526 397995.

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