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What we are doing as a company:

1. Following advice promoted by the WHO and UK Government and acting accordingly as updated.

2. Promoting good hygiene practices to our staff, clients and visitors. As a long standing 5 Star Food Hygiene rated business we are well versed in good hygiene practices including training, cross contamination, sanitising, prevention and documentation for this.

3. Sanitising - All equipment is now sanitised by alcohol based products pre and post hire. All deliveries are sanistised upon receipt and staff handling these follow good hygiene practices before and after handling.

4. Education - Ensuring all staff are fully updated in good hygiene practices and the latest advice from the WHO and UK Government including what to do if they show symptoms of the virus.

5. At our events we:

Promote good hygiene practices to those attending and provide alcohol-based hand sanitisers around the event, with clear signage to encourage people to use them

Provide those attending the event with pre-event information about the virus, advice on what they can do, and advise people not to attend the event if they are unwell or have been in contact with those who have been unwell

We have plans in place if anyone shows symptoms at the event. If a medical provider is in attendance we discuss any steps we will take to help isolate those who are showing clear symptoms whilst at the event

World Health Organisation Guidance

UK Government Guidance


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