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6 Burner LPG Gas Cooker

Description: 6 burner lpg gas hob and oven.

Price: £100 + vat per day

Panini Griddle

Description: Commercial single and double contact grills with variable heat and heights settings.

Price: £35 + vat per day

Large Flat Electric Griddle

Description: Features two large, independently controlled cooking areas, whilst the griddle itself is robust and machine-finished making it highly durable and exceptionally easy to clean. It also comes with an ABS control dial and an easy to remove and clean waste tray. Perfect for busy commercial establishments such as cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

Price: From £50 + vat

Electric Toaster

Description: Top quality Gastrotek 300 slice per hour conveyor toaster which is designed to give outstanding performance in all catering establishments such as restaurants, hotel self-service buffets, cafes, works canteens, deli shops, coffee shops, sandwich bars etc. Manufactured from stainless steel to give a high level of performance. Reliability, style and outstanding value for money, the Gastrotek HB600 conveyor toaster delivers up to 360 slices an hour - ideal for commercial catering and buffet / breakfast service.

Price: From £25 + vat

Electric Rice Cooker

Description: Buffalo Electric Rice Cooker 10 Litre The heavy duty Buffalo Electric Rice Cooker 10Ltr is very simple to use and comes with a range of useful features. These include its ability to automatically switch from cooking to keeping warm once cooking is completed. The lid and body of the cooker is made from stainless steel whilst the inner pot is 100% easy clean non-stick, making it easier than ever before to make the perfect rice. Easy to use - just turn on and leave Cooking Time: 35-40 mins Capacity 23Ltr Cooked Rice / 10Ltr Dry Rice

Price: From £35 + vat

Baked Potato Oven

Description: Available in traditional Queen Victoria style baking 60 potatoes or King Edward Stainless Steel baking 45 potatoes but with bain marie top.

Price: From £75 + vat

Electric Double Fryer

Description: Safety thermostat Lift Out Control Panel and Element Lift Out Stainless Steel Tank for easy cleaning Supplied complete with Batter Plate & Lid Capacity: Will fry up to 28kg of frozen fries per hour 300 x 225 x 115mm Basket 6.1ltr (10 pint) oil capacity 3KW Dimensions (mm): H 310 x W 600 x D 460

Price: From £50 + vat

Large LPG Griddle

Description: LPG GAS 110cm bed 43" GRIDDLE HOTPLATE Heavy Duty chrome11mm Bed with large D burners, with large plate coverage

Price: From £150 + vat

LPG La Plancha Griddle

Description: Name: Gas Plancha Model: SP-10 Power: 10kw Dimension: 840*414*190mm Cooking Plate Size: 840*340mm Net Weight: 15.3kg Type of Gas: LPG

Price: From £75 + vat

LPG Twin Basket Fryer

Description: Single tank twin basket gas fryer - supplied with 2 frying baskets as standard Oil Capacity - 17 - 21.5 litres 4 burner tubes Millivolt controls require no electrical feed Frying area 356 x 356mm 304 stainless steel fry tank Stainless steel exterior door front facia and rear flue. Supplied with large sloped cool zone - extends oil life and eases emtying Fitted with large 1 1/4" drain off valve - prevents blockages Supplied as standard for LPG usage

Price: From £150 + vat

Cinders 6 Ft LPG BBQ

Description: The slimfold Caterer barbecue TG160 is the clear market leader and the professional's choice for commercial catering operations. It has undergone continual upgrading to maintain this position and is well known as the legendary workhorse of the industry. There is no assembly required and the legs are designed to stop sinking into soft mud, enabling operations in 'off road' situations. Cooking heat can be reached in less than 5 minutes and the high pressure burners are unaffected by wind interference. High capacity and fast throughput of food will result in more profits. Self cleaning by reflected heat meaning no dismantling to clean and the recommended gas supply is 19kg Propane gas bottle 18 hours for single grill use, 9 hours for twin grill use.

Price: From £150 + vat

Buffalo LPG BBQ

Description: The Buffalo P111 is a high powered, heavy duty, convenient and portable gas barbecue is perfect for all outdoor catering occasions. Constructed with two fitted wheels for greater manoeuvrability and with a high quality stainless steel finish and chrome plated frame, this BBQ is renowned for providing a uniquely reliable and consistent service. It is also supplied with attachments to fit propane gas bottles.

Price: From £75 + vat

Electric Convection Oven

Description: Our convection oven is ideal for baking, cooking, reheating and warming and has a stainless steel exterior and an enamalled interior cavity. The oven has a removable double glazed door and removable racks for easy cleaning.

Price: From £75 + vat

Electric Salamander Grill

Description: Highly durable and ideal for busy commercial kitchen use, the Buffalo Electric Salamander Grill features an easy to clean stainless steel countertop and offers exceptionally quick and easy grilling, heating and toasting. It features variable heat control, thermostatic controls, high power metal elements, a waste tray and removable upper and lower splash guards

Price: From £25 + vat

Double Electric Pizza Oven

Description: Commercial double-deck pizza oven has a HUGE 28" x 28" baking stone base on each deck and can hold 4 x 14" pizzas at a time. Ideal for busy commercial establishments. Made from Stainless Steel with varnished plate outer shell for lasting quality and a hygienic finish.

Price: From £75 + vat

Countertop Combi Steam Oven

Description: This top quality 30 ltr countertop Combi Steam can be used in busy food establishments where space is limited and you cant fit in a full size combi steam oven such as a Rational - Convotherm - Lainox - Retigo etc. Manufactured to a very high standard in stainless steel both inside and out, this top quality Gastrotek 30 litre Combi Steam Oven will give a high level of performance, reliability and style, plus it comes supplied with 1 x wire grid rack, 1 x baking tray and 1 x water tray. With an easy open side hinged double glazed door, this combi steam oven has 4 functions - defrosting / circulated air / combination cooking / steaming. It can also be used as a convection oven on its own. The temperature is variable up to 200'C and as it comes with a fitted 13 amp plug, you just plug it in and start cooking.... no need for expensive hard wiring. The unit can also hold up to 4 x 2/3 GN pans (not supplied). Product Features and Specifications Top quality stainless steel interior and exterior Easy open double glazed side hinged door 4 x functions - convection / combination cooking - steaming - defrosting Complete with 1 x wire grid and 1 x baking sheet Adjustable timer up to 2 hours Wipe clean interior Interior light Adjustable temperature range up to + 200'C 1.3 ltr water tank included Power on light and pre heat ready light 13 amp plug , 2.5kw.

Price: From £75 + vat

LPG Tandoor Oven

Description: Our new Tandoori is made from stainless steel casing with hand crafted clay pot in the centre. The clay is of the finest quality and is strengthened using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of clay oven pots.

Price: From £75 + vat

Electric Portable Sous Vide

Description: Perfect for professionals on the move, the Buffalo Portable Sous Vide can be attached to almost any rounded or flat walled container to transform it into a slow cooking water bath. By using precise temperature control this machine will produce dishes more succulent, flavoursome and healthy, adding value to meals and increasing your profits. Also fitted with a low water detection alarm for when the pan almost boils dry, this machine is a practical way to provide sous vide cooking with minimal hassle, especially in kitchens with limited space.

Price: From £50 + vat


Description: Thermodyne's 300NDNL counter-top slow cook and hold oven provides food quality and kitchen efficiency like no other piece of equipment on the market today. Using patented Fluid Shelf® technology each shelf in the cabinet maintains an exact temperature, allowing for extended holding times, without sacrificing appearance or taste. This compact, slow cook and hold oven requires no door and operates on a simple mains connection.

Price: From £150 + vat

Single Burner Indian Gas Stove

Description: High output LPG gas stove/burner. Ideal for very large stock pots etc.

Price: From £50 + vat

10 Grid Combi Oven

Description: Make: Hobart Model: CPLUS Type: 10 Grid Combi Oven + stand Power Supply: 3 phase electric 30 amp Dimensions: 940mm wide x 835mm deep x 1750mm high Fast cooking whilst achieving consistently perfect results. Advanced humidity control and optimisation of water injection - 3 speed fan to control air movement. Total flexibility - Cook in convection, steam and combination mode. Uses both Gastronorm and Euronorm trays. Larger cooking surface for increased oven capacity. Double cavity design for simultaneous cooking of two recipes. Quick and easy loading and unloading with monobloc trolleys. Simple to upload programmable recipes using integral USB port Advanced banqueting systems available Ease of use - Touch pad control and on-screen usage guides. Easy to download HACCP and energy usage information. Greatly reduced risk of injury with a cool to the touch door and no contact with chemicals during the cleaning process. Advanced self cleaning system. Consistent results time after time. Auto diagnosis program records each process eradicating unnecessary downtime.

Price: From £300 + vat

Hog Roast Oven

Description: The titan hog roast machine is the easiest and simplest way to cook a whole pig. You simply put the pig into the machine, score it, pour some cold water over it and rub in some salt. Then turn it on and leave it to cook the pig. It can produce a perfectly cooked pig with crispy crackling every time you use it and really is that easy.

Price: From £150 + vat

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Description: Wood fired ovens are not just amazing for pizza and bread they are incredibly versatile - you can smoke seafood, cook vegetables and successfully roast chicken, pork loins, lamb, beef joints & steaks etc to true gastronomic delights. These mobile wood fired ovens are the perfect tool for catering at public and private events and festival dining.

Price: From £500 + vat