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Portable Ice Machine


The Polar G620 is a stylish, well-constructed stainless steel manual fill ice machine which has been designed to for stress-free and easy to use operation in busy bars and restaurants. No water drainage connection is required, simply lift the lid, fill the water reservoir and fresh ice will fill the internal removable basket (holds approximately 120 cubes).

Price: From £50 + vat

Commercial Ice Machine


Compact mains fill stainless steel ice maker for creating ice cubes at high output.

16 bullet shaped cubes every 16 minutes.

Capacity 4kg.

Dimensions 590(h) x 380(w) x 477(d)mm.

Output 20kg/24hr.

Power Type 220-240V. 200W. 0.9A single phase

Price: From £75 + vat

Veg Prep Machine


The Buffalo G784 is robust, powerful and exceptionally versatile.

The multi-function continuous veg prep machine is ideal for the busy professional kitchen. Designed for safety, performance and functionality, the veg prep machine has two separate feed hoppers which accommodate a wide variety of foods, such as cucumbers, potato and much more and allows the user to effortlessly slice, grate, dice and chip by simple blade disc selection. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, helping the user to prepare up to 300kg of food every hour.

Price: From £100 + vat

Meat Slicer


Featuring impressive cutting strength, you can easily and precisely slice large quantities of beef, ham, poultry or vegetables. Whilst the adjustable thickness control ensures food is consistently sliced as required, guaranteeing perfect portion control. Ideal for deli counters, sandwich shops, restaurants and many more.

Price: From £50 + vat