Postponing Your Event

Ok, so the Corona Virus has hit my Wedding or Event plans and now everything is up in the air. Now What?

All is not lost. Your day will get rescheduled and be all the more appreciated and all the more awesome because of it!

We understand this is very stressful and the possible panic you are in, but we’re here for you, we can get through this together. We have spoken to so many fantastic venues and other suppliers and everyone we have talked to want to help their couples as much as they possibly can and that is what we aim to do.

Your Wedding or Event needs to change course, but this doesn’t mean you need to lose the Venue or all the suppliers you love and chose in the first place.

**Reschedule, Postpone but don’t cancel **

We realise this is an extremely stressful time for you, but we want you to realise we are doing as much as possible to help you and other couples and clients to move your Wedding or Event with us. It’s important to understand, we are acting on a fair basis and don’t want to refer to terms and conditions or hide behind contracts, only as a last resort. We hope you can act in a similar way; fair and positive, as we can get through this, even if we have to make some minor compromises.

We have already moved many bride and grooms that had Weddings and other Events, to new dates either later this year or next. There have been minor compromises that have been made by both parties but for the vast majority, we have found very satisfactory outcomes. 

Contact Venue

Speak to the Venue, Church and Registrars. They should be able to provide you with several dates. See these dates as your first options, as you may need to go back for more if you can’t get enough of your suppliers availability. Contact all suppliers bouncing the dates between them.

What happens if we cannot reschedule?

We will work with you as much as we possibly can to find a new date. However if for some reason you are restricted or unwilling to compromise dates, days, seasons etc then we may not be able to find a clear solution. If you are unable to provide a date that we can transfer too, then sadly the only option may be to cancel and we really don’t want that. If you do have to cancel then sadly there is little more we can do. Payments, retainers already made are unfortunately non-refundable, so please, look again at dates. Is there really no flexibility? We are not being unfair, unlawful, and we are acting very reasonably to try and assist you, conforming to CMA advise. So please don’t let it come to this.


Let us know if you have Wedding or Event insurance, most couples and clients do and have been using their policies to navigate through this crisis. The insurance company will most likely pay our rescheduling charges.

If you don’t have wedding insurance then we will not charge for rescheduling to a new date. This is at our financial loss, so please let us know if you have insurance.

Summary :

  • Let’s get through this fairly
  • Get as many dates from Church, Registrars and Venue as possible
  • INSURANCE- Let us know if you have Wedding or Event insurance
  • We will be quick to respond to any communication as we know this is stressful
  • We are not charging any fees to transfer dates, but your new date needs to be within 12 months of your original date.
  • Please bear in mind, for us to forfeit a date next year is essentially costing us substantially in lost revenue. 
  • We can transfer our services only subject to our availability.
  • If we are not available on your new date, then please go back to your venue for more date options.
  • Finally, to move your date, we will just ask you to either: 
  • Keep to the original payment schedule  OR make an additional 25% instalment with the  remaining balance payable 8 weeks prior to your rescheduled date.
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