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4 Line Cooler

4 product dispense cooler. 

The Maxi Shelf Beer Cooler features Stainless Steel coils measuring 5.5 Metre Long x 3/8". Immersed in a reservoir which would provide an ice bank of approx 7.5kgs. 

Both the Two and Four product coolers require 3/8" [9.5mm] push fittings to connect to your beer pipe. 

Add to this The Maxi 310 or Bar 300 Shelf Beer Cooler has a built in pump to provide Water 

Recirculation which gives the user the facility to use the new Water Cooled Fonts now coming onto the market. 

Water recirculation is for the cooling of Cask Ale where the Beer engine has a Water Jacket around the cylinder . 

The Maxi 310 or Bar 300 Shelf Beer Cooler's water recirculation facility is ideal for providing a supply of chilled water to Cask Cooling Saddles and Cask Cooling Probes. 

When ordering a Beer Kit we will need to know the following info.; 
1. Which Keg Connectors you require (this will depend on which beer you intend to dispense e.g. for Carling Lager you will require a Grundy Connector. 
2. If you intend on serving Smooth Pour Bitters then you will require a Creamer Nozzle.

From only

£70.00 +VAT

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