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The Cask Beer Turn Down Tap is a unique tap, offering positive advantages over other Cask Taps. The Cask Beer Turn Down Tap incorporates an Outlet which is at 45 degrees to the tap body enabling connection pipework to be neatly stowed against raised cellar stillage walls. . The Cask Beer Turn Down Tap is thus better suited for direct dispense applications since this outlet is not compromised as the cask is tilted during use. The fact that the Cask Beer Turndown Tap also retains a horizontal outlet means that the tap can still be connected in the conventional way for "On The Floor" stillaging and also means that the tap may be used to supply two dispense points at the same time effectively acting as a double tap. 

The Cask Beer Turndown Tap is also a compact double tap with blanking nut to close off either outlet. Please let us know the tap thread you require.

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