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Ball Pools

Adult Ball Pools

Our ball pools are perfect for everyone and can be used by all ages even adults. The ball pool can be used indoor or outdoor and the inflatable bed takes up an area of 18ft x 18ft but 20ft by 20ft is ideally required. Along with the inflatable bed we provide 20,000 multi coloured balls.

As seen on Sky One's -  A League of their own!

Children's Ball Pools

Our children’s ball pools are only suitable for younger children and so whatever party or event you have, our children’s ball pools are an excellent add on.

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Adult Ball Pools

Description: Space Required: 20ft x 20ft Age range: Adults and Children 20,000 soft play balls with extended airflow pipe to remove any sound issues.

Price: £500 + VAT per day within a 5 miles of Lincoln.

Children's Ball Pools

Description: Space Required: 6ft x 3ft Age range: 0 - 5 Years

Price: £50 + vat within a 5 miles of Lincoln.