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Children's Rodeo Bull Hire in Lincolnshire

Aimed at the younger audience, our Children’s Rodeo Ride or ’Buffalo Billy‘ is designed to safely allow riders from approximately 2 years until 10 years to particpate. Our trained A.L.S. Rodeo Bull operators ensure everybody has a good time whilst remaining safe. Excellent fun for the younger ages with competition mode and large digital time display to see who is the best Rodeo Bull rider.

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Buffalo Billy


Buffalo Billy kids Rodeo Bull is an excellent addition to any kids party.

This ride has been specially designed for younger children and will make any party unforgettable for all. The ride has a digital display to show the rider's time alongside the best of the day.

Comes with three preset programs for competitions.

Price: £275 + vat

Porky Pig


If you fancy something different then you can always choose to have Porky Pig instead of the Rodeo Bull.

Porky Pig is loads of fun for all those cartoon fans out there.

Price: £275 + vat