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Horse Racing

Our Gold Cup Horse Racing is an exciting new game for 4 players that is an essential part of any race themed event!

On the fibreglass grass-textured racecourse there are four different coloured horses; blue, yellow, red and green. These horses are matched to a hobby horse of the same colour. The four players have to position their hobby horse in-between their legs and hold onto the handles positioned on either side of the horse's head. At the start of the game each player or rider has to simulate a galloping motion very similar to a jockey riding a horse. The faster they gallop, the faster their horse will travel along the course to the finishing post.

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Horse Racing Game


Authentic grass textured race track. Realistic horse racing commentary.

The usual length of hire is 4 hours at a basic price of £300 plus VAT, excluding travel costs etc.

Price: £300 + vat