How to plan a family fun day

At The ALS Group, we love being involved with fun days and have lots of experience in how to organise a family fun day event. Our latest guide will help you to plan the best day.

Many organisations understand why family fun days make great corporate events but can be put off by the planning. This guide will take you through the planning, step by step, to make your next event a huge success.

Pick a theme for your fun day

Themed events have risen in popularity over recent years and fun days are no exception. The scope for themes is vast and where guest will include families of all age groups, it’s easy to find the perfect theme that all ages will enjoy. Popular themes include:

  • All The Fun Of The Fair – from grandparents to toddlers, everyone enjoys a good, old fashioned fun fair, packed full of atmosphere, exciting things to do and fabulous food.
  • Sports Day – go all out old school and add a competitive edge to the day, packed full of sports activities and games. Families can play as a team or, if they’re brave enough, pit generation against generation!
  • It’s A Knockout – just as much fun as the Sports Day theme, an It’s A Knockout fun day features lots of inflatable games that everyone can enjoy. Add a competitive edge if you wish, or simply let everyone join in as they want.

Pick the activities to match your theme

Once your theme has been set, it’s time to choose the perfect activities for your guests.

Choose the food and drink for your fun day

Of course, by the time your guests have enjoyed all the activities on offer, they will be in need of some well deserved refreshments. Today, there are food options available to suit every  event theme, from mouthwatering fun foods people can enjoy while wandering around the funfair attractions, to street food and a traditional BBQ. Or why not offer a little bit of everything?

Hire a supplier for your fun day

Hiring a specialist company to help you plan and organise your family fun day event will take the strain from organisers, freeing them up to do other things. The ALS Group has almost 30 years’ experience in supplying a one stop shop for all your event requirements, from themed props to activities as well as food and drink. We organise family fun days for a wide variety of corporate and private clients throughout the year and we are the largest supplier of events entertainment in the Lincoln area. So let us ease the strain of your event planning by giving us a call on 01526 397996 or dropping us an email to discuss your requirements today.

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