Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions Hire Items

1.The equipment shall remain the property of the owner, and the hirer will not remove, replace, relocate or repair any of the equipment or re-hire any part thereof.
2. The equipment is for the sole use of the hirer and will not be used by any other persons or any other purpose, without written consent of the hirer.
3. The hirer does undertake herein to ascertain that the said equipment is operated in a safe manner and the use of all equipment conforms to any current safety standards currently in force.
4. In the event of any loss, damage or theft, the hirer undertakes to assume complete responsibility for the cost of replacement or repair incurred by the owner. Should an extension of the hire period be caused by such cause/s the hirer undertakes to meet with the owner’s charge for such extension at the agreed hire fee.
5. The hirer agrees the understated period of hire. Any extension of this period of hire is at the discretion of the owner, and any agreed extension is subject to the same terms and conditions as the initial hire period.
6. The owner is not responsible for any loss incurred to venues, hires or bookings or any parties involved with any event, in the event of any equipment being non-operable, however every safeguard is guaranteed by the owner.
7. Any repairs or cleaning, or replacement due to theft, loss, or damage may be recovered from the refundable deposit.
8. The hirer’s signature below indicates an acceptance of these terms and conditions of this contract.
9. The equipment must be returned clean and in the same condition as delivered.
10. The hirer must take all reasonable measures to protect the hired property.
11a. Any theft of hired goods must be reported to the police immediately and a crime reference number obtained.
11b. Any loss or damage must be reported to the owners as soon as reasonably practical.
11c. In the event of either of the above occurring photographs of the damaged items in situ or the area the theft occurred may be required.
12. Glassware, crockery, and cutlery replacements due to damage or loss will be charged according to the lowest multiple the item can be purchased in. 

Cancellation Policy

Greater than 8 weeks prior to the Event - Deposit

8 weeks or less prior to the Event - 50% of Fee

4 weeks or less prior to the Event - Full Fee