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Marquee Heating

Munters MIR 55 WV Mobile Direct Fired Diesel Indirect Marquee Space Heater.

Munters are one of the world's leading manufacturers of spot, portable and stationary heaters, and are considered one of the most reliable and quality brands in the industry.  High efficiency, low fuel consumption, proven quality and service are the key words associated with Munters heaters.

In short - Highly effective marquee heating with indoor controls. The heater is situated outside and hot air is pumped into the marquee through ducting. The benefits to having an indirect heater is that there is no noise or smell inside the venue!

- Temperature controlled by an indoor thermostat. 
- Runs on diesel.
- High thermal efficiency
- Safety switch preventing overheating
- High pressure fuel pump
- Suitable for temporary and emergency heating
- Ideal for drying and heating

- Thermal power (kW): 52.5
- Thermal power (kcal/h): 42,500
- Thermal power (Btu/h): 180,900
- Airflow (m3/h): 2,500
- Airflow (cfm): 1,475
- Power consumption (W): 460
- Fuel consumption (l/h): 4.84
- Dual voltage: 110/230v-50hz
- Tank capacity (litre): 51
- Dimensions (mm): 620x1405x790
- Exhaust pipe diameter (mm): 150
- Weight (kg): 76

Includes ducting.

The following options are available as additions:

  • Full Tank of Diesel Fuel (Approx. 4 hours constant use)
  • Additional Jerry Cans of Diesel Fuel
  • Indoor Thermostat
  • Delivery, Installation and Collection

From only

£300.00 +VAT

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