Inflatable Football Dartboard

The newest craze, Football Darts, is a hilariously fun sport played with a giant blow-up dartboard and football darts. Scored in the same manner as traditional darts, but utilising specially designed "football darts" which stick to the Velcro-covered dartboard, football darts are fantastic fun for children and adults of all ages. 

Our blow-up dartboard and football darts are wildly popular for the community and private events, team building, fetes etc. 

Want to add a unique challenge to the game? Try playing Golf Darts! 

Like Football Darts, Golf Darts is played and scored like traditional darts. However, the extra challenge is in taking aim at a jumbo golf dartboard with golf clubs and tennis balls. Aiming at a giant blow-up dart board might not seem like a difficult task, but we promise you'll be laughing so hard you'll probably slice more balls wide than you'll land on the board. 

Excellent fun for every age, Golf Darts is a particular favourite at corporate events where colleagues can level the playing field by perfecting their golf stroke in the most light-hearted way. 

Prices start from £275 + vat per day

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From only

£275.00 +VAT

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