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Do you have a grudge to settle against your Head Master, Boss, Work Colleagues or Family. Then why not strap them into our stocks and give them a soaking?

The Stocks are supplied with bucket and sponges - all you need is the water. They can be used standing up or sitting down and can be height adjusted for children.

Price: £50 + vat

Tug Of War Rope


Full size professional tug-of-war rope.

Capability of having 2 teams of 20 people!

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Price: £50 + Vat

Sack Racing


Sack Race - 5 adult sacks for heavy duty fun (children can use them too!) made from best quality Jute and double stitched making them very tough and durable for the sack race.

Sacks measure 45" high X 30" wide and fit adults and children.

Price: £50 + Vat

Space Hoppers


Building on the popularity of everything 1970's, this game takes the classic Space Hopper and makes it into a fiercely competitive game.

Players can compete on these 5 adult sized hoppers for racing in the garden or sports field.

The hoppers are designed in bright colours: Red (Daredevil), Green (Psycho) and Yellow (Hotshot) and contains 5 x 24 inch diameter adult sized hoppers and a foot pump for inflation.

Price: £50 + VAT

Seaside Soaker


All the fun of the seaside without having to go to the beach! A fantastic classic, ideal for BBQs or any adult party!

The aim of the game is to throw wet sponges at your defenceless friends who are positioned behind the screen! Enjoy the spectacle of their outrageous costumes as they take on the characters on the screen.

Makes a great photographic prop.

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Price: £50 + VAT

Football Table


This classic 'Big Boys Game' made famous by "Friends" will get everyone involved.

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Price: £50 + VAT per day including local delivery & collection

Cactus Lasso


A highly entertaining game that can be played by all ages.

From a preset distance, you have a number of hoops and the aim is to try and lassoo as many as possible of the cactus spikes.

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Price: £50 + Vat per day



Limbo is a great party game, everyone will want to play. How low can you go?

Lower the pole after each round, the winner is the one that can go the lowest without knocking the pole down.

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Price: £50 + VAT per day