Catering for an office lunch

Surveys have shown that colleagues who lunch together, work better together and what better way to improve office morale than to have lunch catered for everyone?

The benefits of office lunch catering

Is a member of staff celebrating a birthday or is your team working to a tight deadline? Or do you simply want to show your staff how much you appreciate them? Whatever the reason for an office lunch, there are many benefits.

Improves morale – since the pandemic, employees have realised even more the importance of a healthy work/life balance and the need for healthier relationships with management. Of those seeking new employment opportunities, around 20% cite one or other of these as reasons for looking for a new role. Offering an office lunch shows appreciation, boosts morale, and saves staff valuable time at home in not preparing their own lunch.

Provides variety – using locally sourced, fresh foods, catering companies offer a broad variety of lunch options. These can include hot or cold buffets, or even a selection of easy to eat street foods.

Offers nutritional menus – as well as all dietary restrictions (medical or religious) being taken into consideration, catering an office lunch means healthy, nutritious options can be offered, with a move away from the good old sandwich if necessary.

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Points to consider when choosing catering services

It is important to choose the right caterer for your individual needs so look for the following:

Experience – a caterer will not survive for long in the industry if they don’t deliver to the brief, so look for breadth of experience which will bring with it a wide skill set.

Qualified chefs – ensuring food is prepared by qualified chefs will give the peace of mind that final dishes will be of the highest quality. It also goes without saying that a high star value food hygiene rating is vital.

Menu options – all tastes should be catered for. If a set lunch menu is offered but you need a more bespoke solution, communication is key. Is the caterer listening? Are they able to offer a varied menu with lots of choice? Ask the questions!

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Catering Services from The ALS Group

Our complete range of catering services covers the whole of Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties and our team is experienced and fully qualified. We have over 30 years’ experience in the event catering industry and can create bespoke office lunch ideas just for you.

Office lunch ideas from The ALS Group

If your staff wants sandwiches, we can do sandwiches! But if you want something a little different then we do that really well too! A well laid out, beautifully presented buffet will never fail but we also offer a selection of street food options that work well for an office lunch; bao buns offer a great alternative to the sandwich, and what about tacos with a variety of nutritious and healthy fillings? For something a little different, you could also bring our traditional fish and chip trailer onto your premises – the choice is yours. Our full list of catering options can be seen here, but we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

If you are interested in catering for an office lunch to offer your team a great bonding and an opportunity to socialise, get in touch with The ALS Group today to see how we can help. Email our friendly staff or phone us on 01526 397995.

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