The benefits of team building events

When you hear the phrase ‘team building activities’ do you run for the hills or are you first in line to sign up? Here, we look at the benefits of team building events and the kind of fun activities available to stop them being boring!

What is team building?

‘Team building’ is the name given to the process of strengthening the bonds between a group of people who work together, to achieve a more successful and effective team. Team building activities often involve collaborative tasks to encourage and improve morale.

What are the benefits of team building activities?

Team building events create stronger bonds between employees and strengthen corporate culture, but are there any other benefits?

Benefits of team building events for companies

Business leaders understand the effect on businesses of executive burn-out, so giving time for fun activities will reduce workplace stress and re-focus your team. This in turn will increase productivity. Team building activities involve staff working together and can positively encourage problem solving, while encouraging healthy risk taking within a supportive group. In turn, this can also help managers to identify potential future leaders.

Benefits of team building events for staff

Team building events are a lot of fun! They enable staff to come together in an informal setting and members of teams who do not see each other at work, possibly because of remote working, will have the opportunity to socialise. Less outgoing members of staff will be given the opportunity to contribute equally in activities and will be given a greater sense of responsibility. A day away from desks will have a major impact on physical health which will improve mental health too.

What makes a good team building activity?

Good team building activities will promote communication, problem solving, and decision making. There are many team building ideas for activities indoors and out, and at the ALS Group we offer a wide range of activities to suit all workplace teams.

Team building activities from the ALS Group

The ALS Group prides itself on providing the best experience for you and your workforce to enjoy fun team events and our team building activity packages have been designed to bring out the excitement in team work and team support. Perfect for corporate fun days, our activity packages can be bespoke tailored to your exact requirements and our staff will be happy to discuss the complete range of activities available.  Choose from a sedate team building package with crazy golf and giant Operation, or an active package for the more energetic with laser tag, an assault course, bungee run and simulator of your choice. Alternatively, let us work with you to create a bespoke day for staff by picking from our team building additional activities.

A motivated workforce creates a positive workplace and a positive workplace encourages happier staff and greater productivity. To show your staff how much they are appreciated, get in touch with us via email or telephone and let us help you create the best team building event ever.

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