Brilliant BBQs

As we experience an unexpected rise in temperatures at the end of a miserable summer, many of us are turning to our BBQ grill one more time. Here, we look at all things barbecue!

Derived from the Spanish word barbacoa which describes the slow cooking of meat over an open flame, barbecues date back to the 15th century when Christopher Columbus came across indigenous people cooking meat on a wooden framework above a fire. Since then, the barbecue has become popular all over the world, and is known variously as a BBQ in the UK, US and Canada, a barbie in Australia and a braai in South Africa. Today the BBQ is one of the most popular summer pastimes for the British.

BBQ season

Summer is often called BBQ season, as the majority of us crack open the grill when the weather is dry and fine. However, aficionados know there is no such thing as BBQ season, with many a seasoned South African preparing a braai under umbrellas on Christmas Day in the UK!  

Why is BBQ catering popular?

Of all the choices of catering styles available, from a buffet to a hog roast, barbecues are the most sociable way to entertain any number of guests. Friends and family can gather round and socialise while the food is being prepared, and a BBQ is the perfect way to bring people together.

Reasons to hire BBQ caterers

Whether you are holding a corporate event, a charity fundraiser or a family wedding, hiring the services of a BBQ caterer is the perfect solution, for all the following reasons.

Equipment – a BBQ caterer will provide all the correct equipment and tools required, saving you the cost of hiring it yourself, and they will even take it all away at the end so you won’t be left with the clean-up!

Choice – when catering for large numbers, it is vital that organisers take into account the various tastes and dietary/religious requirements of guests. A BBQ provides multiple food options, including vegetarian, and gluten-free and can offer more than the usual, back garden menu of chicken thighs, sausages and burgers.

Experience -  preparing a BBQ for half a dozen family members on a Sunday afternoon is a far cry from catering for 200 people at a wedding or public event. Hiring a professional BBQ catering company gives you the peace of mind that the staff will be qualified and have the experience and skills to prepare food for large numbers of guests. They will also have industry contacts, enabling them to source ingredients in sufficient amounts.

Versatility – a BBQ can be prepared for evening events, lunch events and even as a wedding breakfast and a good catering company will enable you to consider both indoor and outdoor venues to give organisers maximum choice. A catering service will also free up organisers to focus their attention on other aspects of the event, knowing that the food is in good hands. 

BBQ catering from The ALS Group

With over 30 years’ experience in the supply of quality catering services in Lincolnshire, the ALS Group offers a complete catered package. Indoors or out, we will barbecue at any time of year, providing everything from the barbecue, staff and cutlery, to the food itself. Let us work with you to choose from our three BBQ menus or why not let us create a totally bespoke choice of dishes for your guests.

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