Catering for vegans at a wedding

As more and more of us are making the lifestyle choice to remove animal products from our diet, catered events such as weddings are becoming increasingly vegetarian or vegan. Read our latest guide to vegan wedding catering.

Should your wedding menu be completely vegan?

This is an area that can cause real divisions in a family, perhaps with parents expressing a wish to offer meat or dairy dishes while the happy couple would prefer their guests to be offered a completely vegan menu. There are things to take into account, however, before making a final decision.

Who will be footing the bill?

Turn the clock back 50 years and many weddings were paid for by parents, who then had control over guest lists and menu choices amongst other things! Hard to believe for today’s couple but if parents are making a contribution, it is worth considering a compromise by offering a choice of meat or vegan dishes.

Taster sessions

Remember also that catering companies will offer tasting sessions which are the ideal opportunity for meat eating Mum and Dad to be pleasantly surprised! For people who think vegan food is all tofu and quinoa, a tasting session with a good catering company will surprise them and is a great opportunity to educate them to the choices available.

Everyday vegan foods

It’s surprising how many meat eaters already consume foods that are referred to as accidentally vegan. That is, everyday foods that many of us enjoy that are vegan, including houmous, pasta, rice, (some) dark chocolate and even (some) garlic bread!

The difference between vegan and vegetarian

It’s important to understand the difference here. Vegetarians do not eat any foodstuffs made from meat or fish (including shellfish) or any animal by-products, which can include amongst other things, cheese (contains rennet) and jelly (gelatine). Vegans do not eat any food products that come from animals and this includes all dairy products, eggs and honey.

Finding a vegan wedding caterer

Unless a catering company offers vegan only menus, always look for a company that offers bespoke wedding catering. Catering for weddings is a specialist area of the industry and it is important to find a company that understands your life choices and requirements. Look at business reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family – a reputable company will always be happy to provide testimonials.

Vegan wedding catering from The ALS Group

For over 25 years, The ALS Group has helped couples to have the day of their dreams. Our bespoke catering service will accommodate any dietary requirements and our experienced team will work closely with you to create the perfect menu. We only use the highest quality ingredients and source all our fresh ingredients locally to minimise the environmental impact of our menus. We offer a wide choice of menu ideas, nearly all of which can be provided as vegan, including a wedding breakfast menu and buffet wedding catering. For something a little different, why not think about an international menu incorporating dishes inspired by vegan nations - we offer dishes from around the world, including Thai food and bao buns, as well as vegan or vegetarian paella and vegan grazing platters.

If you would like to discuss how we can help create the perfect vegan wedding menu for your special day, call us on 01526 397995 or send us an email with a few details and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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