Grazing platters Vs buffets

Hugely popular and extremely on trend today is the grazing platter. But what is a grazing platter and what’s the difference between it and a traditional buffet? Our latest guide takes a look.

Buffet catering

Traditional buffet catering consists of a meal where guests can serve themselves. Usually displayed on a table, sideboard or counter top with crockery and cutlery provided, a buffet consists of a variety of dishes arranged in a row that guests can pass in front of and help themselves or be served by staff.

What is a grazing platter?

Not dissimilar to a buffet, but much more of a visual experience, a grazing table is prepared with grazing platters that are piled up with an assortment of finger foods from which guests can graze. Beautiful and eye-catching, grazing platters offer a wonderful ‘organised chaos’ where guests can pick at a wide variety of food while mingling and socialising.

Grazing platters Vs. buffets

Grazing platters are presented without plates, enabling guests to gather round the tables and chat while they eat. Instead, accompaniments like crackers and breadsticks are included as vessels for cheeses and dips. Buffet catering consists of plates or serving dishes, each with a type of food on it, for example a plate of cold meat, or a plate of sausage rolls while grazing platters present a host of different foods on the same platter. Buffet catering offers a relaxed but formal type of dining where a grazing platter is informal and more casual, offering guests the opportunity to try a little of everything.

Events that grazing platters and buffets are suitable for

The nature of a grazing platter makes them the perfect choice for more casual events such as birthday parties and intimate weddings as well as for corporate events where attendees can network. Buffet catering on the other hand is a more structured style of catering, suited to more formal or traditional events, including business meetings and conferences.  

Buffet catering from The ALS Group

At The ALS Group, we offer a complete range of event buffet catering for every occasion. You can choose from our set buffet choices, including a breakfast buffet menu, hot buffet catering, and a party buffet menu amongst others. Alternatively our chefs are happy to tailor our menus to create a bespoke buffet package to your exact requirements.

Grazing platters from The ALS Group

The perfect fusion of cheeseboard and charcuterie, our grazing platters are pleasing to the eye and the appetite! We offer a choice of grazing platters including savoury grazing platters, sweet grazing platters, vegetarian grazing platters, and party grazing platter but, as with all our catering services, we are happy to create bespoke grazing platters to suit you individual needs.

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